The Certified Italian Cappuccino

Based on the experimental research carried out by the Istituto Espresso Italiano (IEI), a high quality cappuccino that abides by tradition is made of 25 ml espresso and 100 ml steam-foamed milk.

At the basis of a Certified Italian Cappuccino there is always a Certified Italian Espresso, that is an espresso made in conformity with the rules set forth by the certification required to obtain the mark Espresso Italiano (certificate of product conformity CSQA n. 214 of 24 September 1999, DTP 008 Ed. 1).

From a sensory standpoint, Certified Italian Cappuccino is of a white colour, trimmed with a brown edge of various thickness in the classical cappuccino, with decorations ranging from brown to hazelnut in the decorated cappuccino. The cream has a tight mesh with very fine or absent eye formation. The Certified Italian Cappuccino has an intense aroma combining the underlying scents of flowers and fruits with the bolder scents of milk, of toasted (cereals, caramel), chocolate (cocoa, vanilla) and dried fruits. Negative smoky and bio-chemical negative odours are absent. It discloses its remarkable body through an inviting sensation of cream and of high spherical perception, supported by a mild bitter taste and by a balanced, almost imperceptible acidity. Astringency is practically absent.