Espresso Italiano Champion

Espresso Italiano Champion 2020
Espresso Italiano Champion is the barista championship of the Istituto Espresso Italiano (IEI). The competition rules are clear: calibrate your equipment and prepare four perfect espressos and four cappuccinos in just 11 minutes, all under the eyes of the technical judges and then evaluated by a sensory jury that operates blindly according to the Institute's standards International Coffee Tasters (Iiac).
Espresso Italiano Champion 2022
Nico Bregolin wins the Espresso Italiano Champion 2022 competition in Milan and thus wins the title of best professional in terms of Italian espresso and cappuccino.
43 years old, from Rovigo, Nico Bregolin challenged 9 other professionals from Italy and beyond in the competition organized by the Istituto Espresso Italiano (IEI) in Piazza Duomo in Milan at Saporè. In just 11 minutes he had to calibrate his equipment (an Evo 2 machine and a Dalla Corte DC One coffee grinder) and demonstrate his ability to prepare four espressos and four cappuccinos judged by a pair of technical judges and a commission of judges sensory. The latter tasted his espressos and cappuccinos blindly, that is, without knowing who had prepared them.


In this playlist you will find all the international finals from 2014 to today and beyond. Every year there are dozens of baristas who compete in local selection competitions and national finals in different countries to get to the international one. If you are interested in participating, contact us and follow us on Facebook for any updates.