Luigi Morello, presidente Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano (Inei)
Its said that "When in Rome, do as the Romans do", but this saying could easily be altered to "When in Italy, drink coffee as the Italians do". Coffee is one of the most prevalent drinks worldwide, it is also one of the most personalised, changing according to the customs and traditions of the country in which it is enjoyed.

However, it was in Italy that this drink obtained its recognition and prestige with the birth of the espresso. The secret lies in the craftsmanship, creativity and skill of mixing its various origins, always aiming to obtain a perfectly balanced cup. This unique, exclusive and also popular way of drinking coffee has created different types of espresso, the result of the influence of different regional cultures, and so much so that today an anthropological mapping exists in Italy.
Italian espresso is a unique heritage that must be appreciated and supported by all those involved, including through research and innovation projects that guarantee its growth and strengthening as a "product of excellence" in our country. Therefore, over 20 years ago, the Istituto Espresso Italiano (IEI) was created specifically to protect this great heritage of ours.
Today, even more so than ever, we must defend the Certified Italian Espresso, and ensure it is understood through a qualified network of professionals in the sector who are faithful custodians of the ‘perfectly formed’ culture of espresso.  I believe that the current challenge lies in expressing these concepts of tradition and quality in an emotional, engaging and, above all, contemporary way. 
Luigi Morello, president of the Istituto Espresso Italiano (IEI)